A White Christmas

Merry Christmas!
How lovely! It was a long, napless day and night. I will say she sure enjoyed eating some cake and ice cream...she was ALL smiles!!

Christmas morning was very special.  This was the first Christmas we spent at our home.  To watch her come downstairs and enjoy the morning was priceless.  Next year, we will get to share with morning with another little one...which we are still waiting to arrive!! 
LOVED the snow.  Despite the large amount she insisted on walking in it herself...
Yep, you can see for yourself the amount we had at 10am this morning!
Daddie snapped this one.  We sent her in while we were taking off our outer layer of snow clothes...she had started working her puzzle...
Who doesn't enjoy a hot cup of cocoa after a cold morning out in the snow?

We hope you enjoyed your Christmas festivities and will have a Blessed New Year!


Janet said...

Just beautiful. I love the dress you made for Davis....

Niki said...

Such a precious little one! Love her in the snow :)

Anonymous said...

OK Baby Metcalf come on! We want you to hurry on out! Aunt Whit and cousin Holden want to meet you!