Super Saturday

Super Saturday it was...the weather was perfect.  We worked outside preparing the garden space, picking up sticks, trimming a few trees, playing, eating out for dinner and ice cream....Wahoo to Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fancy Nancy Davis Layne
Gathering little sticks from the River Birch.  She added these to the pile for the fire pit wood.
After a little 'work' there is always time for play!  While I was walking around the back yard looking at all of new leaves bursting forth this new year.  In the background I hear, "the bug is coming to see me!"  The announcement only gets a louder until I acknowledge this little voice...
Apparently on her slide there were little bugs crawling towards her.  It was the sweetest thing I have witnessed in the past few days. 
I could not believe they gave her a normal size cone.  Not worry, she ate a WHOLE thing...after we took out some of the ice cream that is...
Everyone loves a little FREE ice cream....thanks Brusters for wear your PJs get FREE ice cream event.  This year marked our 3rd year participating. 

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Lifesong... said...

Yay for free ice cream! We had ours as well and our kids ate the whole thing too. Yum!

Glad you guys had a great day outdoors! I need to bug you about planting etc. as we are giving it a go this year.