Three months

Welp, better late than never.  Things (as ALWAYS) have been super busy around these parts.  I must admit getting tax information ready for a business that operates nearly three hours away can be quite a task.  I am already telling myself that I will NOT get behind THIS YEAR.  Ah, we'll see but for now I am mostly 'caught up'. 

We jumped outside on a warmer morning earlier this month and snapped a few photographs to record this handsome fella at three months.  I wasn't able to capture that big, sweet, heart melting grin he gives nor that oh so precious laugh that comes out.  But it is what it is, right? 

Why are baby laughs so precious anyway?  Lawson, your first out loud laugh was in the shower on March 29th.  I was rising soap off your neck and out it came....LAUGHTER, sweet, precious laughter! 

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Joanna said...

i just love him!! so sweet!