Hair + Scissors = Sad Mommy

Davis cuts paper every day.  Everyday she cuts paper.  She cuts paper and immediately throws it away or mails it to someone.  :)  This particular day she was cutting paper just like any other day.  I went downstairs to start dinner when she proudly announced at the top of the stairs, "Mommy I cut my hair." 
"You did what?", I asked.
"I cut my hair." she sweetly replied.
As one may image, I sprinted out of the kitchen and straight up stairs twirled her around examining the damage.  Okay, first glance, not seeing much damage...no scalping has occurred anyway.  So I asked her where her hair was..."In the trash"...like it's it obvious that where it goes kind of voice.  There it was, a few locks of her hair.  Her hair which had never been touched by scissors before.

 Note the missing parts on her right shoulder
A sweet friend shaping it up...which had been scheduled for at least a month in advance. 
I personally think she heard me talking to some friends about it on this particular Tuesday which prompted this self hair cut.  Otherwise,  I am pretty certain she wouldn't have.  Oh well, in the grand scheme of life, it's no big deal.  It's only hair and thankfully at her age grows back.

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