Surprises are OUR favorite

NauNa, the children and I loaded up and headed north Monday to our Nation's Capital.  This was a very exciting trip for a couple of reasons but mostly since it was a surprise to Auntie RaRa.  In fact, if the earthquake hadn't happened I'm not sure how I would have been able to get address of where she works/nanny's.  (thank you earth for your ever moving plates that get stuck every once in a while) My little white lie worked so address in hand or smart phone off we went.  I checked out every single Washington, DC book our local library had in the Children's Department.  Not to mention some Dr. Seuss favorites, Amelia Bedelia and Finding Nemo. 

Tuesday we spend ALL DAY at the National Zoo.  It sure was a great time too.  Davis had been once before but she wasn't even two so go round was a bit different. 
watching the lion cubs play (all 7 of them)  They were very playful and noisy on this particular day. 

 orangutan crossing (link to youtube of an example)...they actually cross right above your head.  Last visit we weren't so lucky to see this but on this day THREE crossed.  I thought it was pretty neat.
 Cotton candy.  Yep, you read correctly.  I did, in fact, purchase blue cotton candy for our enjoyment.  She thought it was super special (since it was) she was proudly showing it off.  We snacked on it sure to savor every last bite.
Davis took a handful of photos herself and this is one of them. 
 Laughing it up with her newest friend Nikolai...later that night or the next day his father asked if they got married and he replied "do you see any rings on my fingers?"
 Thankful I have a bed to sleep in and not on one foot/3 toes with my body as my pillow.  What a beautiful creation though.

RaRa forgot to mention there was a splash pad nearly right outside her apartment building (1/2 block of).  So we spent the afternoons here for a little more fun in the sun.  It was a nice way to end the days.  

 Finally the day arrived, RaRa's birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNTIE RARA
NauNa and D eating birthday dessert which I seem to have forgotten what she ordered

WOW what a trip. All tuckered out after lots and lots and lots and did I mention a lot of walking?  Lawson even inched his was up on a pillow too! 
We are already planning our next visit.  Hopefully this time all sisters and NauNa's can go! 

I should mention we went to the Air and Space Museum but for some reason I didn't care for any pictures that I have from there.  Also, I believe this was Lawson's favorite.  He hung out in the moby for a while so he was able to look up at the awesome flying "objects". (objects because there is a wide variety of them in there)

Davis funny I want to remember.  Before taking this trip Reagan was in Greensboro dining with Seth's family at Print Works.  I had mentioned to Davis that we were going to see RaRa that afternoon.  We ended up meeting her at Print Works so when we arrived at the restaurant and I told that we were there.  Davis shouted, "Yay we're in DC!!"

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