A Butterfly Farm

I've been planning a trip to All-A-Flutter for quite some time now, mostly because I purchased the Groupon a while back.  For one reason or another things haven't worked out for us to be able to visit.  Thankfully, Groupon  or the butterfly farm extended the expiration date to Saturday and wouldn't you know the weather wasn't cooperating Saturday morning so they didn't open.  We had to keep our fingers crossed for the late afternoon 'show.'  Well, as you can image I wouldn't be posting this if we weren't able to go....
It worked out great that Auntie Reagan was down from DC (well kinda) and she was able to go with us....and Auntie B joined us too.  It worked out perfectly!
How do butterfly's hear?  Ask Davis, she remembers.
 I think this is a close has she allowed a butterfly to get to her (hence she allowed).  But if you know any Cole girl Davis was harrassed and did have a few placed on her without her knowing.  ;)
I HAVE to jump in here and say....we were at the table looking at the eggs and tiny caterpillars Nora, the butterfly lady, had for everyone to see.  Butterflies had been coming and going mostly minding their own business.  Well, this handsome little fella pictured above landed one right in his hands.  How you ask, I have NO idea!  Lucky for the little fluttery creation I saved its life.  However, I was laughing as I ripped this fragile creature from the tight squeeze of an eight month old looking to devour something ever so colorful and tasty.  A few mintues later when one of his aunties was playing with him part of a wing flew off of him.  Whoops!  Sorry Mr. Butterfly. 

Don't these chrysalis look fake?  I sure think so!

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