9 months

What can I say?  I don't like to post without photos (who does?).  My camera was apparently dropped one too many times and refuses to turn on (whoops).  That was almost one month ago so for now I guess I'll post lovely cell phone pics (thank you technology)!

Our little man is now 9 months old.  Lawson had two breakouts over the summer when peanut butter touched his face (completely accidentally of course).  Recently he has been breaking out again only this time I wasn't sure to what.  I thought it was milk or eggs but unsure if one or both.  He even touched my cup at Feeney's and had a reaction.  :/
Allergy Appointment
We were able to quickly (thanks to a cancellation) see a pediatric allergist and pinpoint what is causing all (or at least most of) his little breakouts. 
After a little sour cream
 This was a quick picture after lunch on the Monday before his Tuesday morning appointment.  I had feed Lawson beans out of my chili.  I thought at first it was wheat, from the crackers, but later learned (the next day) it was in fact the dollop of daisy aka sour cream that I put in there.  :(  Now we know NO NUTS, PEANUTS, MILK or EGGS!  YUP, a total food makeover going on in this home.  Everything has milk or eggs, everything...goodbye milk and oreos!!
Oatmeal Fingerpaint
So here we are attempting oatmeal for breakfast.  Since we don't do "babyfood" here I knew this wasn't going to go well.  If he cannot feed himself he pretty much isn't interested especially if it is mushy!!!  Well, this was certainly no different.  This was the second day I attempted oatmeal.  Since this was NOT going in his mouth I dumped it on the tray and let him fingerpaint.  It was great entertainment for him and a little clean up for me...I found it even splattered on the wall.  Oh well, memory making (me) and sensory time (him)!

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