Festival of Lights-Throw Back Night

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tanglewood Festival of Lights.  Our family had never visited this 'attraction' until this year.  We went on Throw Back Night where it was $5 per vehicle to enter the park.    Not only are there light scenes but they also have a marshmallow roasting area, concessions, gift shop, horse drawn carriage rides and Santa.  We did run, literally, into the gift area because it was pouring rain.  They had hand/homemade items for sale some of which some gave me really good ideas.  Both Davis and Lawson enjoyed the lights.  Lawson just stared, pointed and clapped at the lights.  He was sad when I had to up the window up because the rain was coming in.  Davis was ecstatic over the lights.  I would say her most repeated words were:  "Look at that mommy!" and "Look at that daddy!".   

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