Frosty the Snowman and Animal Mania

Today Davis enjoyed creating snowmen.  I'm about 100% sure Frosty the Snowman is her favorite song right now.  Interesting though is that I'm not even sure how she knows the song.  We do have two Christmas cd's (that were unpacked Saturday) maybe it's on one of those.  Hummm, maybe I will start listening tomorrow.  I should also add she had declared herself the official "turn on the Christmas Tree lights" and "make sure the Christmas cd is playing in the living room" person.  Oh and IF the music is playing and you're holding Lawson AND he's screaming/wiggling/flopping himself around....just put him down he only wants to 'dance'.  I learned this yesterday afternoon when I couldn't figure out what in the world he wanted.  ;)

She finished her creations she then enjoyed spooning macaroni (her idea).  She gathered her containers/bowls (most not pictured) while I was playing with little guy...

Animals....how fun is it to take each animal one by one out of the container, mouth and then toss to the side?  Lots of fun...so much so that I can throw them back in the container and they'd be out in no time! 

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