A WOW Weekend

We headed to the mountains for a weekend of celebrations.  Not only for Davis' birthday but also the birth of my niece, Dagen.  As always, there wasn't much time for relaxing.  This is quite alright with me though.  I am not one for much "down time" anyway so this is perfectly fine by me.  :)   

You seem to forget how TINY newborns are.  This being said, Dagen weighed in at a whooping 9.2 but still the tiny fingers, toes and nose are somehow so easily forgettable.  What an amazing God we serve, His creations are breathtaking (until they can talk back then well that's another story...awwww I'm just playing-kinda)
Can't we get just one shot of 4 pairs of eyes looking our way?  Nope, but that's alright.  We have plenty of time for that later in life.  One that day I'm sure someone will be rolling their eyes saying, "Another one, really?!" (I can hear Darrell now saying just that)

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Anonymous said...

love the pics! they all turned out so good! Maybe this weekend we can try ti get another one of them all! love, anut whit.