A Breeze

After dropping off NauNa at the airport (she went to Alaska) what better to do then stop by a few museums and enjoy the downtown life in a different city. We played, learned and observed. Lunchtime came around and we decided to walk to Epicenter to see what it was all about. FULL of, what I assumed were, bankers we enjoyed lunch and people watching.
Returning to our car we passed this fun little number. It sure was a nice relief on this HOT day. Fun fact note: I had fun watching them enjoy this and too bad I couldn't join in on the fun since I was wearing a dress too. Oh yes, but then I forgot I was and well I guess the men up the street enjoyed their little show! Whoops


The Phillips Family said...

Cute picture!

Our Lifesong... said...

Ohmygosh... laughed totally out loud! Those are some cute kids you have there!

Anonymous said...

Morgan - this picture is a forever memory! Precious babies :)