UNC Season Opener

We welcome college football season around here and have been lucky enough to make it to several season openers.  This year was no different.  Last year NauNa tagged along with us but this year we brought our Auntie B!  {Sorry Britt, I don't have a picture of you to post.}  :(
.    I cannot lie.  It was miserably hot that day!  I mean H.O.T. HOT... I don't remember how many times I filled up our water bottles during the game but let's just say I am glad we were sitting on the end of the row and not in the middle.  I should also mention we were in the shade.  Out of the WHOLE ENTIRE stadium we were shaded.  Ahhhh relief.  I was thankful for shade that day and the water fountain right behind us (generally speaking).
Needless to say we crushed (62-0) Elon this HOT September 1st Saturday.
Go Tar Heels!
Lawson, you were sleeping while Davis was being goofy!!  kisses

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