Folly Beach

We have some special friends that moved to Charleston late summer.  Too bad they're in Disney we are having to house sit.  I know, it is awful on both accounts Mickey for them and history/beach for us.  I guess we'll survive though.

Yesterday was gorgeous.  I mean mid 70s and no wind.  Perfect for us to spend the greater part of the morning and afternoon in the sand.  To have a beach all to yourself at 4 and 1 is pretty fun stuff.  We would occasionally have the beach stroller/dog walker come by but for the most part it was just us.  I loved it.  No crowds for your children to get lost in.  The water cool enough that I didn't let Davis "play" in it.  Don't get me wrong she was in it a lot but no 'wave' catching allowed.   Lawson had his fair share of water action too but he wasn't in quite as much as his sister. 
I enjoyed myself by just sitting and watching the children play, run and roll around.  
Folly Beach

Please notice the SAND is everywhere! 

Rolling, literally, in the sand (covered top to bottom)

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