Angel Oak Tree

A short drive down a scenic road we came to the little park where this well established tree lives.  The Angel Oak Tree. (Just for random fun-I found this interesting and amusing, plus a part of me wanted to join in but then I quickly changed my mind or did I?!?!?)
Anyway I digress. 
I have to admit when I saw it from the road I thought "big deal".  It wasn't until I really stood back and looked at the tree that I realized its size.  My photographs certainly do not caputre the beauty and grandeur of the tree.  It is something you just have to put eyes on.  

There are cables helping branches, 4x4s and metal beams supporting limbs.  Quite impressive once you are under her branches.  

We certainly enjoyed our time there.  The park, if one can call it that, also has picnic tables, a small gift store (we didn't go in) and porta-potties (Nature's Call, if I remember the company correctly-that we didn't use).  The grounds in front of the Angel Oak Tree:  open with a few large pine trees otherwise fit for running about chasing butterflies which is just what my children did.    Of course, what is any trip without a snack?  Crumbly donut muffins were the snack of the day!  No crumbs allowed inside the automobile please.

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Janet said...

Glad you got to go to the tree. Stefan wanted to propose to me there...