Good-bye beach, hello home

Home, here we are! No more beach bums around here! The weather was incredible, absolute perfect for the beach. I hated for it to end and I know reality will hit hard tomorrow {sigh} but life will continue. The last few days were pretty exciting on the beach. We saw a lot of sea life- sand dollars, starfish, northern searobin (fish), flounders, sea snakes, new turtles and of course lots of surfers! I cannot believe how our beach trip last year was so much different than this year. Davis was contantly on the go- running, shoveling, dancing, trying to keep up with the other kiddos! No one ever said time stood still...
Enjoying one of many sunsets...
16 months old! Our evening walk hoping for sea creatures that Hurricane Bill and the New Moon phase stirred up!

Davis loved sticking the sticks in the tiny holes!
Concentration the letter 'c'A blurring smile good night
Wide-open after finding sand dollars and star fish!
yum, ice cream!
Dominic was giving 'free rides around the island for the babies'...my d loved it!!

beach art!

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