Let's find a Christmas Tree

Saturday morning we ventured out early to find our Christmas tree.  I actually scored a pretty nice deal through Living Social so we headed north to Blue Ridge Family Christmas Tree...
Davis was very excited to see all the trees and walk in between them.  In fact, she wanted to ride in the back of the truck with our tree on the way home.  We enjoyed our time and are now reaping the benefits of a real tree...it smells so good in the house!!
I wish the sun wasn't so harsh that morning, but it is what is it is...and these are the pictures worth sharing!




tree310  I threw this in here...Davis took it first of all, not too shabby, but I knew some of you haven't seen a recent picture.  (34 weeks)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for the belly picture! and I love Daviss' scarf! That's so funny that she wanted to ride in the back! Holen help pick ours out also! He did a great job! haha