Christmas Parade 2010, snow Dec 4th, Happy Birthday Daddie

DISCLAIMER:  Sorry for the grainy pictures.  I took my camera but it had a low battery so no-go on pictures (with a camera) but so thankful for a camera phone

Saturday we packed our lunches, chairs, blankets, hot chocolate, and dead camera then headed downtown for the annual Christmas Holiday Parade (I should be PC).  I think our crew had great time.  Unfortunately we didn't make it to the end because our little girl was getting cold and on the verge of a little meltdown.  I am not sure what she would say her favorite thing was...I will say when the people would walk/ride by and wave she would say, "Mommie they're waving to me!"  It was so precious!  She was able to score a couple of pieces of candy too! 

Enjoying lunch from Daddie's shoulders

The beginning of the snow...

Our backyard...2 inches total
 Yay for Daddie's Happy Birthday!

 Lots of playing!
His favorite cake...it is (yes, a few bites are left) red velvet swirled with white cake topped with Peppermint Icing...oh so good!

Getting Daddie's present ready for him...she was SO excited!!!
A quick pic before bed tonight....
Good Night

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Anonymous said...

ahhh so cute. wish we made it to our Christmas parade but it rained and I didn't want to take little man out. the cake looked yummy! love the new pictures. can't wait to see y'all soon!