A Carriage Ride

Can you visit Charleston and not experience a carriage ride?  I think not.  And I have to say that Lawson completely agrees.  The same child who dislikes any mascot and animals (stuffed or alive) LOVED the horses.  Sunday while we were walking to the parade I met a new side of this child.  My happy-go-lucky child turned into a screaming, "I wanna ride da horses" little boy.  
Picture this, mixed-use development (aka you can hear a pin drop) walking from The Battery to King Street.  A Mommy toting a 23 month old in an Ergo.  A happy 4.5 year old skipping along side her mommy.  Oh a horse and carriage with a few passengers.  Let's stop and take a look at this.  Okay, we've seen all we can see let's continue to the parade.  Child in ergo, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!  I wanna ride da horses!!"  screams x30 times...very, very loudly while reaching back towards the horse!  
Fast forward 45 minutes-
At the parade wouldn't you know that Wells Fargo has their Stagecoach make an appearance.  This time Lawson starts walking down the street after it.  When I won't let him go any further he starts his shenanigans again.  Thankfully there weren't many people around to witness his behavior.  :)  Nor did we pass any horses on the walk back to The Battery (thankfully).

One happy guy with his horse!
 Couldn't resist this vine covered wall near Market Street.  I guess they're sharing secrets from the ride...

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