James Island Lights

James Island Lights-in a nut shell.  Light show much like Tanglewood.  The night was very pleasant which allowed us to ride the carousel and even wait in a long line for Santa.  Once again Lawson wanted to ride the horse.  While he may not look so happy here  it's just the flash.  He loved every minute of it and didn't want to leave when it was over.  Of course, it goes without saying Davis enjoyed her time too.  We wondered if Mary Poppins would arrive and let us take the horse for a spin though. 
We waited for a while to visit Santa.  Santa isn't promoted in our home but I'll just leave it there.  Lawson, again, throws us a curve ball.  Why would this child even get near Santa when he dislikes mascots like the Christmas Light we saw while we were waiting in line to see Santa...animals (stuffed or alive), large non-human objects.  Yup, climbs right on his lap and starts talking.  Who is this guy?

I should insert here, just so I remember, Darrell is in Charleston now.  He had a meeting Wednesday morning and will be working here the rest of the week.  Thank you technology and Shannon aka the boss man. 

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